We Are Different From Other Healthcare Marketing Agencies!

Marketing is a core business function that enables sales and product development success by informing the business about market needs and creating awareness of the companies’ capabilities.  Marketing is not episodic. Which is why we embed ourselves in your business, seeking to understand your needs and challenges.  We ask questions!

Only then can we collaborate on actionable plans that accelerate the growth of your business.

Our Healthcare Marketing Focus Areas in Detail:

It is important to understand where marketing can help, so business growth is nurtured.

The following is intended to provide a framework for discussion.

Awareness Building

Definition; Awareness building the process of creating an awareness and understanding of your companies’ products and services, among your target audience.

When Important; When attempting to be first to market with a solution to a little known, emerging or poorly understood market challenge.

Our Healthcare Marketing Agency’s Contribution; Develop content that educates prospects about the scope, nature and impact of a market issue they may not fully understand, while introducing the companies’ unique solution to the problem. Content might take the form of White papers, edutorials, press releases or sponsored commentary.

Thought Leadership

Definition; Thought leadership efforts communicate the companies understanding of an acknowledged market challenge, states the organizations perspective on the challenge and frames the company solution.

When Important; When potential buyers are generally aware of the problem influencing them.

Our Healthcare Marketing Agency’s Contribution; Articulate the companies understanding of the market challenge and how that understanding influenced the development of the companies particular solution. Reference conversations with healthcare provider thought leaders developing their own solutions, to present differing perspectives. Opinions of company leadership should acknowledge the many possible solutions to a market challenge and why the option the company chose is optimal.

Demand Generation

Definition; Create demand for the companies’ product by actively engaging with interested buyers.

When Important; When buyers are actively seeking a solution to their problem.

Our Healthcare Marketing Agency’s Contribution; Actively engage client prospects and customers, using email marketing, webinars and telemarketing, in an integrated fashion. Activities should provide prospects valuable information that moves them along the purchase journey and provides sales with pre-qualified leads.

Channel Enablement

Definition; Ensure operating sales channels have the product and market information needed to close business.

When Important; When preparing a new product launch, after creation of a new sales or partner channel and when channel productivity and success require reinvigoration.

Our Healthcare Marketing Agency’s Contribution; Manage the sales and marketing needs of a strategic partnership or reseller arrangement. Leverage market research to ensure buyer personas are well understood and strategic market segments are identified and understood. Provide sales training, training materials and sales collateral.