Radiology Marketing and PACS Technology Consultants


Dean Kaufman – Principal

Dean started Healthcare Service Consultants to assist companies with their healthcare product marketing needs. He has over 20 years of experience in Radiology and Imaging Informatics product marketing management, which includes managing software solutions and leading teams for Siemens Healthcare, AGFA Healthcare and GE Healthcare. Healthcare Service Consultants provides clients access to executive caliber leadership and our integrated marketing approaches deliver measurable impact. We also leverage the latest content and social media marketing practices. Our domain expertise, product marketing skills and industry contacts can all benefit your sales efforts.

Dean, a top PACS technology and product marketing specialist, is well connected in the industry, is published in numerous industry trade and scientific journals and is active in industry trade organizations. He is also named on an early PACS patent.

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Headshot of Danielle Holmgren

Danielle Holmgren – Graphic Designer

Danielle is passionate about good design. Since she began working in the healthcare industry in 2008 her work has embodied the clean, contemporary aesthetic appropriate for the healthcare audience.

She brings her formal training in graphic design and skills in Adobe Creative Cloud to her professional design and production efforts, knowing that collaboration is equally important to creating high quality work that achieves the desired results.

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